Related GIZ Projects

China Low Carbon Leadership Network
The Low Carbon Leadership Network (LCLN) is an event series jointly organized by GIZ and CCF to facilitate communication among leading experts and key local and international stakeholders in China’s climate change sector.

Qualification of Key Actors on Energy Efficiency in the Building Sector

The Qualification of Key Actors on Energy Efficiency in the Building Sector (KABEE) project ensures the swift and widespread transfer of up-to-date knowledge on climate-friendly practices so that sustainable measures can be implemented in China’s building sector.

Sino-German Cooperation on Low Carbon Transport

The Cooperation on Low Carbon Transport (CLCT) team focuses on the development of a low carbon transport system based on five pillars: carbon accounting and emission evaluation; climate protection and energy efficiency strategies; electro-mobility and alternative fuels; and green freight logistics.

Sino-German Environmental Partnership

In order to master the global challenges of environmental protection, energy, resource efficiency and climate change a strong international and bilateral cooperation is vital. The programme advises Chinese government institutions on the development of a sustainable environmental policy.

Electro-Mobility and Climate Protection

Electro-Mobility must be seen as a perspective both to increase the energy efficiency in the transport sector as well as to contribute to global climate protection.

Implementation of Complex Low-carbon Compound Projects in City Networks in the Province of Jiangsu

A holistic approach to energy planning which is employed in Germany is shared with decision-makers in Jiangsu to enable them to apply complex low-carbon energy concepts that could potentially lead to energy neutral or plus energy projects.