NDRC Published 13th Five-year Departmental Work Plan for GHGs Emissions Control to Speed up the Launch of the National ETS in 2017

21 June 2017 – The document lists 65 tasks that range from nationwide low-carbon target setting and sectoral measures to MRV and ETS design as well as the government agency responsible. The work plan includes the following key priorities for the preparation of the national ETS (Article 5): 1) Enactment of national ETS regulations: every jurisdiction and its related departments should make detailed management plans; local governments should fulfill their respective responsibilities in establishing a national and local (two-track) management system; cap-setting and allocation plans for eight industries are to be released; implementation of an allowance management plan for key automobile production enterprises based on their responsibility to use renewable energy for production; 2) To launch the national ETS in 2017: start allocation according to the national allocation plan; start the transition from regional ETS to an integrated national ETS; create a transparent system with sound regulations, active trading and strict supervision until 2020; 3) Strengthen the national ETS supporting capacities: build a registry system for the national ETS and a registry management mechanism; build a national, local and company three-level MRV system.