NDRC held ETS promotion meeting in Beijing

19 November 2015 – On 4th Nov, 2015, NDRC held a national ETS promotion meeting in Beijing. The participants were from all provincial DRCs.

Mr. Su Wei, DG of the Department of Climate Change, NDRC, announced the start of the national ETS in 2017. He mentioned the following steps as crucial for the the preparation:

1) GHG inventory and verification of the key enterprises

2) Clarification of the threshold for involved enterprises, allowances allocation on the provincial level

3) Capacity building for ETS stakeholders

4) Financial support from local governments

5) Experience exchange between pilot and non-pilot regions

Additionally, NDRC introduced the work schedule for the national ETS; CQC, Tsinghua University and Sino Carbon introduced respectively the draft of preliminary allocation plan and MRV regulations.

Source: www.xj.cei.gov.cn