Expectations from China on COP 22 in Marrakech

06 July 2016 – During the “Petersburg Climate Dialogue” in Berlin, Mr. Xie Zhenhua, China’s Special Representative on Climate Change, stated that there are three expectations from China for the UN Climate Change Conference on Marrakech, later this year: 1) to effectively bring the Paris Agreement into force as soon as possible; 2) to formalize a detailed schedule and plan on the financial promise of 100 billion dollars per year from developed countries to developing ones; 3) to formalize the roadmap of the negotiations on Paris Agreement. Besides, Mr. Xie said addressing climate change would be an important topic for the upcoming G20 summit in Hangzhou. Especially with regards to green finance and the leadership of China in global climate change.

Source: http://www.ideacarbon.org/archives/33799