Chongqing DRC published Notice on Annual Verification of Carbon Emissions for the Year 2016

During the period 15 to September to 31 October 2017, the Chongqing Development and Reform Commission (DRC) will implement Emission Trading System (ETS) verification processes for three distinct categories of enterprises for the year 2016 in order to give assurance that emissions data has been fairly stated and prepared in accordance with the approved monitoring plan. Firstly,  enterprises covered by the Chonqing pilot ETS will undergo the verification process for annual carbon emissions in 2016. Additionally, enterprises not covered by the pilot ETS but to be included in the upcoming national ETS will be verified for historical emissions data. Finally, enterprises part of both the pilot ETS as well as the future national ETS will undergo verification for both annual carbon emissions and historical emissions data for 2016. Historical emissions data plays an important role in cap setting as they provide an informed basis from which to project future emissions.