China’s Top Climate Change Experts speak at Press Conference

31 October 2017 – Li Gao, new Director of the Department of Climate Change in the National Development Reform Commission (NDRC) and Xie Zhenhua, China’s Special Representative on Climate Change spoke at  the State Council Information Office’s press briefing. The two speakers gave an overview on the policy actions combating climate change in China, including updates on the development of the national emissions trading system (ETS) in China.

Li Gao explained that the ETS is set as a key policy tool to control greenhouse gas emissions in China. The gradual approach to the establishment of the system means it will need time to be perfected. Nonetheless, the ongoing preparations are successful and the world’s largest carbon market will be launched this year in accord with the schedule. Xie Zhenhua elaborated on China’s standpoint and expectations of the upcoming UN climate change conference in Bonn.