Beijing released announcement for carbon emission management system

22 Oct 2014 – Beijing DRC, CQC and Finance Bureau jointly issued the Announcement on promoting energy management system and carbon emission system for enterprises and key energy-consuming entities in Beijing.

In the Announcement, it’s planned that by the end of 2015, 247 key energy-consuming enterprises go through authentication from the energy management system, and 163 key emission enterprises be assessed by carbon-emission management system.

Energy and emission coordination is a highlight in Beijing ETS, of which energy management is an important part of Action Plan for energy saving and low carbon development in the twelfth Five-year Plan. The carbon-emission management system, however, is put forward for the first time. It’s highly beneficial for a long-term emission management regime on the basis for the completion of the first period of compliance. “It will further promote the capacity of local ETS and pave the way for national ETS”, said Zhang Xiliang, the director of the Institute of Energy, Environment and Economy, Tsinghua University.